Game On: Games In Exhibits And Exhibits About Games

Game On: Games in Exhibits and Exhibits about Games
Jul 16

Game On: Games In Exhibits And Exhibits About Games

Join CMEG to explore the newest temporary exhibit at the American Writers Museum, Level Up: Writers & Gamers and hear from a panel on how games fit in museum spaces. The panel, moderated by Sarah Ingraham, will include Ari Bachechi, Keisha Howard, and Brice Puls. Cost There is a $20 suggested donation for this event. Please bring cash to pay. Your donation helps us to compensate our speakers and to provide snacks for attendees. However, accessibility is our first priority, which is why this is a suggested donation. If you cannot pay, we still want you to come! About the exhibit Embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of game writing and explore the role of narrative and storytelling in gaming, from the 1970s to today. Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, Level Up enriches your understanding of writing through fun and interactive formats, inspires young people to try a new form of writing, and encourages exploration of the worlds created through games. About CMEGCMEG promotes the free exchange of information and ideas among professionals and students involved in the development, design, and production of exhibits for museums and cultural institutions. Quarterly events keep members informed about timely exhibit related topics ranging from innovation and technology to social and economic issues affecting the industry. CMEG members work with a mix of large and small, mainstream and off-the-beaten path, virtual and experimental exhibits. About our speakers BRICE PULS has been working as a game developer for over a decade. They work in roles such as gameplay design, gameplay and UI programming, and QA/Certification Management. They also design games and interactives for museums, educational institutions, conventions, and event activations, creating unique short-term experiences using a range of technologies, including large-format touchscreens, motion tracking, and AR/VR experiences. KEISHA HOWARD has been a video game enthusiast since childhood. Her communications background and passion for business innovation led her to the Information Technology Industry. After discovering that a considerable part of the industry’s consumer and professional demographics were not being represented, Keisha created Sugar Gamers. It began as a women’s advocacy and networking group for consumers and professionals, but eventually blossomed into an organization that advocated for all demographics who were under served or not being represented (such as minorities, and people from the LBGTQ+ community.) She also worked as a subject matter expert on Level Up. ARI BACHECHI is the Assistant Director, Operations & Exhibits at the American Writers Museum. An enthusiast about both museums and gaming, she is also the head curator of Level Up. She has been with the American Writers Museum since 2016, and has worked in several capacities during that time. SARAH INGRAHAM is inspiringly ambitious with her sights set on solving complex problems and creating meaningful exhibits through her work at Luci Creative. She is also a book lover, foodie, and world traveler. Sarah has a wealth of museum experience that helps her combine the best of history and the arts into exhibit spaces. More Info below.

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