Let’S Have Some Middle Eastern — New Restaurant! Pita Bowl!

Let’s have some Middle Eastern — New Restaurant! Pita Bowl!
Jul 15

Let’S Have Some Middle Eastern — New Restaurant! Pita Bowl!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE GIVING A FIRM COMMITMENT TO THE RESTAURANT AND IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL YOUR RSVP ON OR BEFORE JUNE 13TH, 7 PM OR ARE A NO-SHOW YOU WILL BE COMMITTED TO PAYING FOR YOUR RESERVATION. Pita Bowl is a family owned restaurant located on the Northwest side in Lincolnwood. It’s on Lincoln Ave just east of Pulaski Ave. There is easy parking in a big parking lot. The food will be excellent! It is a vegan healthy and individually home-cooked type food. The owner is the chef. Our menu is a good cross-section of what they offer and some special made items! Yes, it is all vegan. All for the price of $20. You will pay CASH at the door. Exact change appreciated. (Don’t worry, it says UNPAID next to everyone’s name, you just can’t see it!). Please bring exact change, it is appreciated. We will meet at 7:00 PM and have a social time until 7:30 PM to mingle with your fellow foodies. Please have a bit to eat and don’t come starving, in case the food is delayed. Sorry, no alcohol is allowed on premises. We will be in the whole restaurant. The food will be served buffet style. This is what the menu will be: Soup - Homemade Lentil Salad - Jerusalem Salad Green Salad Appetizers - Hummus Baba Ganoush Entrees - Falafel Tajine Fried Veggies Grape Leaves Sides - White Rice Pita Bread Pickles Onions Peppers Sauces - Hot Sauce Garlic Sauce Tahini Sauce Dessert - Baklava Drinks - Water Join us for a fun evening with good conversation and a delicious meal. REMEMBER IF YOU RSVP YOU ARE COMMITTED TO PAY FOR YOUR RSVP WHETHER YOU SHOW OR NOT UNLESS YOU CANCEL BEFORE JUNE 13TH, 7 PM. THIS INCLUDES ANY GUESTS YOU RSVP FOR ALSO. WE ARE COMMITTING TO THE RESTAURANT. WE DO THIS TO KEEP THE COST LOWER. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING! More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Pita Bowl, 6699 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago , IL map
when: July 15 @ 7pm - 9pm
price: $20



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