Sacred Arti Ceremony, Kirtan And Bhagavad-Gita Class

Sacred Arti Ceremony, Kirtan and Bhagavad-Gita Class
Jun 17

Sacred Arti Ceremony, Kirtan And Bhagavad-Gita Class

Arti is a traditional Vedic ceremony where the Temple deities are worshiped with various items like a ghee fire lamp, incense, water, conch shells, flowers, etc... Its a peaceful and inspirational experience. Everyone is welcome to respectfully attend in whatever way feels comfortable. Some stand in the back, middle, or front; some sit and some join in the kirtan singing and dancing along. After arti there is a class in the spiritual teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita. Expand your understanding of the soul, karma, yoga, bhakti, God, and transcendental consciousness. This sacred ceremony is a daily occurrence and all are welcome to attend. Kirtan is very simple, easy and fun. It is basically singing done in a call-and-response fashion so no worries about getting lost, everyone is chanting together in the response. The teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita in so many ways contains a living philosophy that is very practical for spiritualizing our daily lives and transcending the challenges we face in this mundane world. Feel free to join this event anytime of the week. Sunday everything starts at 5:30 and a lot more people come! More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: ISKCON of Houston - Temple and Cultural Center, 1320 W 34th St, Houston, TX map
when: June 17 @ 7pm - 8pm
price: Free



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