Forage Your Frequency; Vocal Activation Class And Sound Healing

FORAGE YOUR FREQUENCY; Vocal Activation Class and Sound Healing
Jun 17

Forage Your Frequency; Vocal Activation Class And Sound Healing

FORAGE YOUR FREQUENCY; Vocal Activation Class and Sound Healing Experience✨ A 75-minute experience of Voice Activation and Sound Healing curated to help you access your truth by finding your voice. If you feel like you've been ready to strengthen your voice, find your source of power, and speak your truth, this workshop is for you. I will guide you through breathing and vocal exercises accompanied by various instruments, such as acoustic guitar and sound bowls. There will be opportunities for verbal reflection and journaling throughout since each sound resonantes differently for every body and sharing the experience helps to integrate. Somatic movement is also an important part of this workshop so wear comfy clothing you can move in! The workshop will close with a sound healing designed to integrate the sound we explored that day. We focus on specific sounds and FEELINGS that we can create in the body with our vocal chords. I invite deep breaths and your honest intentions for you to leave feeling empowered by and connected with your voice. This is for you if you: -Want to increase your confidence - Are uncovering your truth - Want to feel more embodied - Are moving through a transitional period of life that requires fidning your voice - Recovering physically or emotionally - Want to reclaim your power - Want to access and clear energy blockages You can expect to feel embodied, empowered and expanded after this workshop. Give yourself these 75 minutes. Your voice, spirit, and body will thank you. Nicki G, a board certified Music Therapist (MT-BC), has explored a lifetime of singing as well as the practice of Vocal Psychotherapy. She will be holding space and guiding you through your own vocal exploration utilizing various instruments designed to tune your voice with your body. Time/Date: THURSDAY MARCH 7, 6:00-7:15pm** note: Eventbrite won't allow event to end at the quarter hour. Each workshop is 75 minutes, not 90. Location: PERSPECTIVES space Art Gallery in Encinitas, CA Address: 555 2nd Street. Suite 1 (Blue door) Encinitas, CA 92024 The art gallery is located directly to the right of Club Pilates. Our building has a bright blue front door and the window says "Think Parallax". Street parking available. Exchange: sliding scale $33-44 (Venmo, paypal, Zelle, cash) What to bring: Please bring water, a journal, and a yoga mat; wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Optional: Bring any blankets, pillows, or eye pillows you’d like to have with you. Some blankets may be available for extra comfort. Reserve your spot, space is limited! More info can be found at [hidden] Contact Nicki at [hidden] for further inquiries. Join us for an incredible in-person event at 555 2nd Street suite 1, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA. This unique experience will help you discover the power of your voice through vocal activation and sound healing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer, this class is designed to unlock your vocal potential and connect you with your authentic voice. Through a series of interactive exercises and guided meditations, you'll learn how to use your voice as a tool for self-expression and healing. Don't miss this opportunity to FORAGE Your FREQUENCY and experience the transformative power of sound. Reserve your spot now! More Info below.

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where: 555 2nd Street suite 1, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA, 555 2nd Street #suite 1, Encinitas, CA 92024 map
when: June 17 @ 6pm - 7:30pm
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