*Scottsdale!*­čî×Pickup Softball­čąÄField 1&2-Vista Del Camino Park

*SCOTTSDALE!*­čî×Pickup Softball­čąÄField 1&2-Vista Del Camino Park
Jun 15

*Scottsdale!*­čî×Pickup Softball­čąÄField 1&2-Vista Del Camino Park

COST: $8.00-PREFERRED PAYMENT IS VENMO OR ZELLE; Cash will be accepted too FOR VENMO MY HANDLE IS @SAM-EQ. LOOK FOR SAM SHAH. IT MAY ASK FOR THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF MY NUMBER WHICH IS 8305 FOR ZELLE, MY EMAIL IS [hidden] AFTER YOU RSVP, MARK YOUR CALENDAR SO YOU DONT FORGET AND LEAVE US HANGING This is an all levels event from beginners to pros ages 18 and up. We play softball, just for fun. There is music, laughs, slight competition, and coaching, if you want it. IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME?: Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Below are some points to keep in mind before coming to your first of many softball meetups. -Bring lots of water!!­čĹŹ -Wear sunscreen­čĹŹ -Recommend wearing Cleats with NO spikes­čĹŹ -We have bats and some spare gloves. First come first serve­čĹŹ GAME PLAY HIGHLIGHTS - Split up into 2, 3, or 4 teams depending on attendance. If 3 teams, one will sit as we rotate. Teams are picked randomly by counting off. Every inning, EVERYONE bats. Runs are not counted Last inning - EVERYONE bats again BUT Team with the most runs wins. No strike outs Use outside base at first and home to avoid any collisions RULES: DO NOT GET HURT­čĹÄ DO NOT FIGHT­čĹÄ DO NOT COMPLAIN­čĹÄ THIS IS A PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK EVENT. THIS MEET UP DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURIES OR EQUIPMENT DAMAGE THAT MIGHT HAPPEN DURING THIS EVENT. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES YOU MIGHT GET WHILE PLAYING. WHEN YOU RSVP, YOU ARE ACCEPTING THESE TERMS. More Info below.

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INFO: Email: [email protected] | Website
where: Vista Del Camino Park, 7700 E Roosevelt St, Scottsdale, AZ map
when: June 15 @ 9am - 11am
price: Free



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