Friday Afternoon Games @ Ihop Near 101, 83rd Ave & Bell Rd, Peoria

Friday Afternoon Games @ IHOP near 101, 83rd Ave & Bell Rd, Peoria
Jun 14

Friday Afternoon Games @ Ihop Near 101, 83rd Ave & Bell Rd, Peoria

IHOP will allow us to play games in it's separated room to the left side of the facility. Click on the map on this page for it's exact location. It is on West Paradise Lane which can be accessed from either Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive or 83rd Avenue (West Paradise Lane is the first right turn from AFCD or going south from Bell on 83rd). IHOP’s entrance faces Bell Rd. and it is "next to" the 101. Dining is optional but no food or drinks may be brought in. Please have a light jacket or hoodie available in case it's slightly too cold inside. Join us for lunch and conversation from 12:30 to 1:30. The tables will be cleared, and then let the games begin! Or come just for games from 1:30 up until 4 pm, but please Comment on this event page "Games only." We bring many game choices, such as Sequence, Rummikub, Phase 10, Five Crowns, and Triominoes, but feel free to bring your own game, like Mexican Train, and maybe you'll attract players to it. This is all for fun, so let's be polite and considerate when forming games and in playing them. Everyone should be ready to play with anyone else who attends. Kindly RSVP responsibly. Kindly sign up on the event page, and cancel your RSVP if your plans change. A comment or message does not cancel your RSVP for headcount purposes. Contact Stu with any Qs or comments, or late cancelations. [hidden] More Info below.

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INFO: Phone: 201-835-9109 | Website
where: IHOP, 8359 W Bell Rd, Peoria, AZ map
when: June 14 @ 12:30pm - 4pm
price: Free



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