Pocha Time! (Cool Drinks, Friendly Atmosphere, Speakeasy-Style Bar/Restaurant)

Pocha time! (Cool drinks, friendly atmosphere, speakeasy-style bar/restaurant)
Jun 13

Pocha Time! (Cool Drinks, Friendly Atmosphere, Speakeasy-Style Bar/Restaurant)

Pocha time "speakeasy" style! Don't know what a pocha is? I didn't either! A “pocha” is a Korean term that refers to a type of outdoor food and drink stall. The word “pocha” is actually an abbreviation of the Korean phrase “pojangmacha“, which translates to “covered wagon“. Pochas are known for their vibrant atmosphere, friendly ambiance, and delicious food offerings. This restaurant is INDOORS (which is nice) with plenty of seating! :) Big bar, lots of space, snacks and/or Korean-American snacks (or dinner) if you want. This is a five-star restaurant with a super friendly owner, cool surroundings, shade, and best of it all... you beautiful people! :) Come out and enjoy a Thursday night with our nice, open-minded group of mature professionals from the Pasadena area and beyond. This place is in an alley-way, so park in a nearby parking structure. (Thank you for bringing $3 to your loyal hostess last time. Keep that going.. or feel free to add a bit to the group online. I do get those funds... and meetup does charge us hosts. It's not free. Thanks! Loving our meetings!) Myanna More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Urban Pocha, 61 S Fair Oaks Ave #130, Pasadena, CA map
when: June 13 @ 5:30pm - 8pm
price: $2



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