Glencairn Castle & Cathedral, Gardens, And College Area

Glencairn Castle & Cathedral, Gardens, and College Area
May 28

Glencairn Castle & Cathedral, Gardens, And College Area

2 hours, 5-6 miles, Glencairn Castle & Cathedral, Bryn Athyn College, and the neighborhood. The Castle which is an antiquities museum and the Cathedral are incredible buildings. This time of year they also have beautiful gardens. We'll walk the grounds, maybe take a tour if available. The schedule seems to anything but regular of late. Then we'll head next door to the college and the really cool neighborhood beyond. We may hike some trails in the Pennypark ERT. More about the area. Glencairn Castle (Museum) is one of the 100 largest houses in the country. #73 on the Wikipedia list. It's the former home of Pitcairn family who spared no expense and detail building it. In 1979 after the death of Margaret Pitcairn the castle became an antiquities museum: it makes the Cloisters in NYC look 2nd rate. Right next door is Glencairn Cathedral which is another incredible structure. We'll walk the grounds and if possible stick our heads inside for a minute. Free tours are sometimes available. Carpooling To carpool from Hill House (201 W Evergreen Ave, Phila) meet 45 minutes before the event. Carpool time changes if hike time changes. Text me [hidden], 3-4 days in advance. GENERAL RULES : ••Hike at my pace. ••Hike lengths are approx: allow 30min -1hr extra. ••Donation requested. All monies donated to recreational charities like Natural Lands and the Friends of Wissahickon. •• For ~360 events each year donate $20 (2024), $30 for 2 or family or donate $5 for each event. ••Pay in person or at [hidden] . Thanks.xxx More Info below.

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INFO: Phone: 215-2474459 | Website
where: Bryn Athyn Cathedral, 900 Cathedral Rd, Bryn Athyn, PA map
when: May 28 @ 10am - 12pm
price: Free



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