Gastronome's Dinner: Asian Street Eats @ Kembara

Gastronome's Dinner: Asian Street Eats @ Kembara
May 26

Gastronome's Dinner: Asian Street Eats @ Kembara

I've heard really great things about this new spot and am excited to share this experience with you all. Join the Gastronome's Supper Club for dinner at Kembara, where we'll dive into a vibrant celebration of Asian street food culture inspired by chef Sosa's travels across Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Their menu boasts dishes like chicken satay, tuna Thai jewel salad and my personal favorite, chili crab! No doubt, every bite will be a delight. Looking forward to exploring these flavors with you! Dress code? Casually chic. FAQs: Q- I've already reserved my invite, but looks like I can't make it after all. A- Bummer! Be sure to update your RSVP so we can make room for another guest on the list. Hope to catch you at the next event! Q- The bill? How are we splitting it? A- Great question! More details to follow soon. Q- I'm coming from (insert part of valley), I might be delayed with my arrival. A- All good. We'll be seated promptly at 6:30pm. You're welcome to join us whenever you arrive - just get there safely! Q- I have (insert allergy/dietary restriction), can they accommodate? A- Here's their menu . I suggest you take a look and see if you find something that suits your taste. Q- How's the parking? A- The restaurant has its own dedicated, free parking on the resort property. More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Kembara, 5350 E Marriott Dr, Phoenix, AZ map
when: May 26 @ 6pm - 8pm
price: Free



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