Intermediate Hike 5.5 Miles At Friedrich Park

Intermediate Hike 5.5 miles at Friedrich Park
May 20

Intermediate Hike 5.5 Miles At Friedrich Park

Please arrive before 8:30am. It means that we will take off at 8:30am for hiking. Don’t forget to change to NO and update, or post your message if you have changed your mind after you made your RSVP. You may also call or text to the hike leader in the last minute. You will find the phone number in this event page. It will be helpful if your hike leader has your mobile phone number in the Contacts so that you are not an unknown caller/sender who may be ignored. This hike is about 5.5 miles for those who want to hike more than the Shorter Hike, and less than the Longer Hike, or who want to add more distances per week, or who want to try as a transitional hike from Shorter Hike to Longer Hike. Either one of OPTIONS is available. OPTION ONE: We hike on entire Restoration Way and skip Bosque Trail. Overall long gradual ascents and descents as well as flat terrain, and no steep climbing. The combined elevation change is 600+ feet. OPTION TWO: We skip outer loop of Restoration Way and hike on Mill Pass, then Bosque Trail. Long gradual ascents and descents as well as flat terrains. In addition, there are challenging steep ups and downs. The combined elevation change is 700+ feet. The hike is mostly portions of the Longer Hike, or a shorter version of modified Longer Hike. The trails are rocky with exposed tree roots. We hike at brisk pace. A not fast and not slow hike is expected. Our average speed is about 2+ miles per hour. Good hiking shoes/boots are suitable. Bring water (A MUST), and snacks if you like. If you need to contact the event host, please call Alicia at [hidden]. This hike is not suitable for beginners. If you are not sure about your fitness level, please try the Shorter Hike, and find it out. You should be fine if you are comfortable with the Shorter Hike without difficulty, and able to keep up with the group’s pace. But it’s not an easy hike for very beginners. Note: You are in the wilderness once you left the trail head. Water requirements for Intermediate Hike during hot summer months: To avoid dehydrations, every average size hiker must carry and consume 1 liters (2 bottles) of water or more (adjust to your body size) while hiking. Please understand that we are seniors who are more susceptible to heat and dehydration, and we need to take precautions to avoid emergency situations. Not drinking sufficient water your body needs while hiking is the cause of heat exhaustion, and you can prevent it. ♦️ Please answer LIABILITY agreement in your profile page if you have not done so.♦️ More Info below.

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INFO: Phone: (512) 497-3884 | Website
where: Friedrich Wilderness Park, 21395 Milsa Dr, San Antonio, TX map
when: May 20 @ 8:30am - 11:30am
price: Free



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