Hack'n Tell: Unleash, Collaborate, Transform

Hack'n Tell: Unleash, Collaborate, Transform
May 17

Hack'n Tell: Unleash, Collaborate, Transform

### Description: Title: Hack'n Tell: Dream, Build, Inspire Location: Pleb Lab, 800 Brazos Suite #260 Details: Welcome to "Hack'n Tell" at PlebLab, where innovation meets collaboration in a vibrant celebration of creativity. "Hack'n Tell" is similar to "Show and Tell" in an open mic style. Come talk about your project or simply what inspired you this week. Show code, do a demo, show us a slide deck, talk about something interesting you read, or just come to listen and learn. PlebLab stands at the intersection of technology and artistry, creating a fertile ground for developers, hackers, creatives, and open-source enthusiasts to dream big, build boldly, and inspire one another. Why "Hack'n Tell"? PlebLab is committed to forging a builder community where dreams transcend boundaries, and ideas ignite change. "Hack'n Tell" is a dynamic space for those driven by the urge to create something extraordinary, whether it's in the realm of music, film, literature, software, or any artistic pursuit that defies the ordinary. This event is more than just a gathering; it's a nexus for those navigating the gap between grand builder ventures and traditional career paths. It's for the innovators, the dreamers, the doers who are ready to turn their passions into tangible projects. From discovering new ways to sustain your craft, reigniting a passion for long-lost hobbies, to potentially transforming your side projects into a full-time pursuit, "Hack'n Tell" is your launching pad. What's in Store? Innovative Spirit: Soak in the unique, forward-thinking creative energy of Austin. Connect with a builder community eager to share, learn, and grow together. Creative Fuel: Enjoy a handpicked selection of beverages and local austin food (tacos or pizza) to fuel your creative endeavors and facilitate meaningful connections. Showcase and Discovery: A stage to present your latest creation or to immerse yourself in the innovations of fellow builders, fostering an environment of mutual inspiration and support. Community Engagement: Get instant feedback from a community of builders. Join the Conversation: At "Hack'n Tell," you're part of a movement that celebrates the power of creation, the excitement of innovation, and the strength of community. PlebLab is more than just a venue—it's a canvas for your imagination, and "Hack'n Tell" is your opportunity to leave a lasting mark. Join us at PlebLab, where every idea has the potential to spark change, every project can inspire a community, and together, we build the future. More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: 800 Brazos St suite 260, 800 Brazos St suite 260, Austin, TX map
when: May 17 @ 5pm - 7pm
price: Free



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