Randomly Hosted Pub Trivia At Celis Brewery

Randomly Hosted Pub Trivia at Celis Brewery
Apr 08

Randomly Hosted Pub Trivia At Celis Brewery

Trivia night at Celis Brewery! This event alternates hosts based on availability. There is no way I have time to update every week to reflect who volunteers. Ya'll love this event - so get together, pay attention to the chat for location in the bar, or ask the bartender, Josh (he always knows where we are sitting). Also, tip him well while you are at it, he has been serving us with a smile for about 3 years now. Geeks Who Drink Pub trivia event at Celis Brewery. It’s free to play (but order a pint or something and tip!) Expect 70-ish questions over 2 hours. Win free pints and other prizes. Go on to massive fame, fortune, a happy home life, self-realization, etc. *******Important info. Please read before attending********* - Trivia is a competitive and actively engaging activity. While we have seen many fantastic friendships made during the past 2 years at our trivia events, please note that the F*****g Friends also provide more laid back activities to socialize and meet people than this one. - Geeks Who Drink limits tables to 6 per team. This is not our rule. We respect Geeks Who Drink's request on this because we like having a good relationship with them and the teams around us. - Come before 7:00 pm to ensure a spot on a F****g Friends team. Organizers will not accommodate late arrivals. - We ask that teams identify the group by have "F*****g Friends" in their team name. Ex: F*****g Friends (because anything else is sloppy seconds!) - If you make friends through our group and form your own trivia team outside of our group we will not be offended. Actually, we will be happy because that means you've made some f****g friends (yay!) - If you spin off your own teams, we will ask that you no longer RSVP through our MeetUp because it confuses people who are new to the group (unless ya'll want to stay a F****g Friends team, then please keep with the naming convention and be open to new people when you have extra space). - Our MeetUp and Geeks Who Drink trivia end at the same time. Sometimes people like to go out to dinner/drinks after an event. These are not F*****g Friends activities. Where our MeetUp ends is where ya'lls journey in friendship begins. - Have some f*****g fun, ya'll. Mondays are already serious enough! Celis Brewery brews Belgian-style ales and other beers, including the original witbier that Pierre Celis brewed in Hoegaarden, Belgium. 20 beers on tap and a food truck to supply the grub for the evening ([hidden]). See you soon! More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Celis Brewery, 10001 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX map
when: April 8 @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm
price: Free



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