Trivia & Pickleball @ Cnp 🗣💬🍻🎾

Trivia & Pickleball @ CNP 🗣💬🍻🎾
Apr 08

Trivia & Pickleball @ Cnp 🗣💬🍻🎾

Calling all brains 🧠 and brawns 💪 to compete in trivia and pickleball at Chicken N Pickle! Happy hour specials, and get a free appetizer when you download the CNP app. Free parking, casual dress. I will post our location when I get there. See more here: [hidden] Follow us on Instagram 📷: @coolkidshangouts [hidden] Hangout online with us on Discord 🍻: [hidden] RULES AGE -Must be 21+ for all events unless stated otherwise. -Please be under 40 years old. ALCOHOL -If drinking, do so responsibly and have a safe way to get home. -If someone says you are not good to drive you will listen to them and wait it out, get an Uber, or get a ride with someone you trust. -Anyone who gets drunk and drives off will immediately be banned and law enforcement will be called. CONDUCT -Everyone in the group must follow the establishments rules and their CoVID guidelines. -Hangout is primarily meant for socializing and not dating. Matching in an organic manner is acceptable, but all interactions must be reciprocal, wanted, and appropriate. -Besides the staff, only direct message (DM) members if they explicitly state in their profile that they are Open to DM's or you have a verbal agreement in person that it is ok. We do not tolerate anyone soliciting or "casting the net" in terms of services or dating in our members DM's. If anyone sends you a DM that you feel is unsolicited and inappropriate, please notify the owner or the event coordinators. -Physical fighting, playful or not, will not be tolerated and will be subjected to immediate removal. -Anyone who acts inappropriately towards others will either be given a one time warning, banning, or referral to law enforcement depending on seriousness of the issue. Hangouts will remain a safe environment for everyone. -If any issues come up or if anyone in a Hangout makes you feel uncomfortable please talk to the event host immediately so they can address the issue. If the event has already ended, message me directly and I will take care of it. More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Chicken N Pickle, 5215 UTSA Boulevard, San Antonio , TX map
when: April 8 @ 6:30pm - 9pm
price: Free



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