April 2024 Sensory Friendly Sunday At Chuck E. Cheese

April 2024 Sensory Friendly Sunday at Chuck E. Cheese
Apr 07

April 2024 Sensory Friendly Sunday At Chuck E. Cheese

Sensory Friendly Sunday at Chuck E. Cheese Join us for a fun-filled day at Chuck E. Cheese in San Antonio, TX, USA! Our Sensory Friendly Sunday event is designed for children with sensory sensitivities to enjoy a safe and inclusive environment. We've created a sensory-friendly atmosphere with reduced noise, dimmed lights, and limited crowds. Kids can still have a blast playing games, winning tickets, and enjoying delicious food. So, bring your little ones and let them have a memorable time at Chuck E. Cheese! DEDICATED TIME FOR KIDS WITH AUTISM & SPECIAL NEEDS We’re proud to support families of children with autism and other special needs. Through our Sensory Sensitive Sundays™ program, participating locations open two hours early on the first Sunday of the month. They offer a quieter environment, dimmed lighting, and a trained and caring staff to ensure each guest has a safe, fun-filled visit. For more information, please visit: [hidden] Note: Inspirational Experiences is partnering with our local Chuck E. Cheese on Bandera Rd to bring a fun opportunity to our members - Chuck E. Cheese is running the event, and the descriptions are provided by them You do not have to register with Inspirational Experiences to attend; we just created this event to promote the event we are partnering with to help increase attendance. Be one of the first to know about Inspirational Experiences activities by joining our email list: [hidden] More Info below.

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where: Chuck E. Cheese, Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX, USA, 11735 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78250 map
when: April 7 @ 9am - 11am
price: Free



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