Museum Of Contemporary Photography Free Admission Saturday

Museum of Contemporary Photography Free Admission Saturday
May 25

Museum Of Contemporary Photography Free Admission Saturday

Free Admission Saturday from 10am to 5pm at Museum of Contemporary Photography - see INFO below. In 2002 Burtynsky began photographing in China, where he developed a substantial series of images that address new topicsfrom steel mills to the country's "Three Gorges Dam" projectwhile incorporating subjects that echo his earlier work, such as recycling yards and quarries. The China series extends Burtynsky's on-going concerns at the same time that it suggestively condenses his previous explorations: these photographs offer a multi-faceted glimpse of industrial cycles that are increasingly global in scope, seen here through a cross-section of one rapidly-developing nation. The massive scale of the transformation that has taken place in China is visualized in Burtynsky's photographs of enormous manufacturing plants employing thousands of workers. By using a large-format camera and filling the frame with rows and rows of production lines, the factories and the workers become almost infinite. In some pictures, however, such as "Manufacturing #11, Youngor Textiles, Nigbo, Zhejiang Province, China" (2005), one person visibly stands out alone. This image, along with certain others in the series, disclose the presence of a personal story behind each of the millions of factory workers and provide a reminder that individuals are implicated in these seemingly autonomous processes. More Info below.

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INFO: Admission is always free and open to the public. Phone: (312) 663-5554 | Email: [email protected] | Website
where: Museum of Contemporary Photography, 600 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605, USA map
when: May 25 @ 11am - 6pm
price: Free
category: Arts & Culture



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