Ecstatic Dance Houston ~ Dance Flows With A Dif Dj Every Week Tba

Ecstatic Dance Houston ~ Dance Flows with a Dif DJ Every Week TBA
Mar 03

Ecstatic Dance Houston ~ Dance Flows With A Dif Dj Every Week Tba

Thank you for your time and attention to helping us co-create a wonderful dance experience! We are glad you are here! Ecstatic Dance is a growing art form around the world designed for individual expression and community connection. Its a non-judgmental space so everyone usually feels relaxed and free to be themselves. We encourage the practice of communicating personal boundaries non-verbally during the dance and respecting boundaries set by others. Your free spirit loves to dance, and the safer you feel, the freer you will be to express yourself through dance. You're invited to join in free form movement arts, meditation, good vibes, artistic musical scores, nonverbal space, creativity and exploration. We intend EDH to be welcoming, fun, healing, and liberating for all. Each event welcomes all experience levels and newcomers, is multicultural, multi-gender, inter-generational, and family friendly. DANCER GUIDELINES: *Increase inner focus and sensory awareness - Non-verbal. *Balance, grounding, exploration - dance barefoot, sock-foot or soft soles. *Enhance creativity and self-expression - drop judgments and expectations of self and others. *Respect the boundaries established by others *Seek and obtain clear non-verbal consent before engaging with others during dance *Give permission to be authentic, sincere, playful, wild, and free *Full Guidelines at the Front desk! EDH Details 10:30 am Musical Warm up 11:00 - 11:10 Greeting, Opening Circle, Guidelines, and Theme 11:10 - 12:25ish am Dance Journey 12:30pm Closing Circle 1pm Lunch invitation PRICE: Suggested donation $10 -$20+ Facilitators spend time to put together the playlist, and the Interchange rent has gone up. AC is expensive. SAFETY We value and respect everyone who attends our events and do our very best to provide a safe space for your authentic expression and well-being. Please contact the Facilitators or Director if you have any concerns or questions. CONNECT WITH US: [hidden] [hidden] [hidden] CONTACT: Director, CEO (Creative Evolutionary Organizer) Andy Karavitis Come Get Your Goove On! See you on the Dance Floor! Andy & The EDH Facilitator Teams! More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: The Interchange, 1815 Cleburne St Suite T, Houston, TX map
when: March 3 @ 11am - 12:30pm
price: Free



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