In-Person Tai Chi For Beginners!

In-Person Tai Chi for Beginners!
Mar 03

In-Person Tai Chi For Beginners!

Join us to take a break from stressors, bring stillness to mind, move through the heart, and give yourself the time to reset and recharge. Learn this beautiful ancient practice with graceful, meditative movements that help maintain physical health, well-being, and spiritual essence. Anyone can learn Tai Chi - any age, all levels of fitness. If there are any medical conditions, injuries, or are pregnant, please consult with your doctor prior to attending. Our Wonderful Tai Chi Community meets on the grass at Dr. Paul Carlson Park. Address: 10496 Park Ave, Culver City, CA 90232 (Near the corner of Park Ave and Le Bourget Ave.) Things to know: There is plenty of free parking In the event of rain, class will be cancelled. Yoga mats are not needed. The Style practiced in class is the Yang Style, with modifications tailored to promote both balance and fall prevention. You are welcome to invite friends and family. We recommend dressing according to weather conditions - protecting yourself from both hot or cold temperatures. It is suggested to drink water after class to stay hydrated, flush out toxins and support our body's natural healing process. Our beginners Tai Chi classes are free - If you would like to help support this work, any donations would be graciously appreciated. Simply tap [hidden] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those interested in instructor Sierra's Tai Chi Online Course, tap below: Step-by-Step Tai Chi 24 (Full Course) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your loving spirit and wonderful support ✨ We look forward to practicing together and enjoying Tai Chi for health and well-being! ~ A. Sierra (Founder of shcollective.org) Sierra Holistic Collective is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening communities and providing high-impact teachings that help relieve stress and anxiety, improve mental and physical wellness, and provide emotional support. . Copyright © 2013-2024 Angie Sierra All Rights Reserved More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Dr Paul Carlson Park, 10496 Park Ave, Culver City, CA map
when: March 3 @ 9:45am - 10:45am
price: Free



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