Art, Lunch, And More Art!

Art, Lunch, and More Art!
Mar 02

Art, Lunch, And More Art!

Hello Friends! Join us for a day of art, food, and Friends on Saturday, March 2nd. We will start the day at 10am at Celebration of Fine Art on Hayden Rd in Scottsdale. This venue states they have 100 different artists displaying their talents in 40,000 square feet of working space. From there, we will head over to Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers on Scottsdale Road for lunch with ice cream cones at Dessert in the Desert next door after lunch (if anyone still has room after CB&CB). Our day will continue, for anyone still wanting to see more art, at the Arizona Fine Art Expo up on North Scottsdale Road. Described as "a truly immersive art experience that celebrates the creativity, talent, and hard work of artists from around the world. Whether you are a longtime art lover or a newcomer to the world of fine art, the EXPO is a must-visit destination that promises to inspire, educate, and entertain". You can join us for the one, the other, or both, but the only time I can for sure where we will be is 10am at the Celebration of Fine Art. Celebration of Fine Art has a $10 admission fee and the AZ Fine Art Expo has a $12 admission fee. Parking is free at both locations and both tickets constitute a season pass. Both shows run through Sunday, March 24th, so you can go back as often as you like till then. Hope to see you there! [hidden] [hidden] [hidden] The Legal Stuff (this is actually important, please read) Attendees are fully responsible for any costs they incur to attend any event. Any member that fails to cover their bill will be removed from the group. Please research the event before you sign up to get a cost estimate if one is not provided in the event summary. FOM accepts no liability for variances in prices posted on the event page or any other website used to estimate events costs. Friends of Mine does NOT make advance reservations at any event due to the large amount of no-shows and last minute cancellations endemic in MeetUp. We will show up early and wait for service for as many people as we have wherever we go. Attendees must understand we may have a wait for any event. Some events will be held at businesses that require advanced reservations per person to attend. It is each member’s responsibility to make those reservations for themselves. FOM will not make them for you. If you sign up for any reservations required event then show up without making your own reservation, and there is no availability on the day of the event, you will not get to participate. FOM will list in detail the date, time, reservation phone number/web address, etc. for any event where reservations are required or recommended. Friends of Mine, and it's organizers, are not responsible for any interactions between members before, during, or after any event. Always use caution and prudence when interacting with people you do not know well. Members who act inappropriately will be asked to leave the event and banned from the group. Friends of Mine, and its organizers, are not responsible for member transportation to or from any event. This includes out-of-town events. If you choose to carpool and your ride leaves you, you will be responsible for getting yourself home. Other members may be willing to help, but this is not guaranteed and should not be assumed. Again, always use caution and prudence when interacting with people you don’t know well. More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Celebration of Fine Art, 18400 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ map
when: March 2 @ 10am - 1pm
price: Free



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