Chiditarod Xix: Race, Live Music, Food Drive And Pub Crawl!

CHIditarod XIX: Race, Live Music, Food Drive and Pub Crawl!
Mar 02

Chiditarod Xix: Race, Live Music, Food Drive And Pub Crawl!

Are you ready for a crazy Saturday in March? If you have never been to this event you are in for a treat. This event goes rain or shine or snowstorm. The Chicago Urban Shopping Cart Race, affectionately known as the CHIditarod, is an annual race through the West-town, Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village Chicago neighborhoods. The date of the event was chosen to coincide with the kickoff of the Alaskan Iditarod. The event is an annual Chicago-based charitable phenomenon. One part food drive, one part pub-crawl, one part costumed shopping cart race, all parts radtacular. It combines elements of urban racing with Chicago's finest brand of debaucherous social activism. Part street theater, part race, 2 parts charity, part pub crawl, part fashion show, part engineering challenge, part bacon. all parts crazy & 110% Chicago! We have gone to this event for several years now and way back in 2016, we actually had our own members' race as a team! See picture below from that infamous 2016 race when our sister photography group went as the “Chicago Flashers” Each team consists of 5 people that dress up in a themed costume. They also decorate a shopping cart. As you can see ours was a Canon Camera. We had a blast. This is first and foremost a food drive. On race day I would like to ask that everyone bring a few food items to donate. Nothing breakable or perishable. There will a spot to drop off the goods at the check in point. FYI - One of our current members, Sherry will be racing with her team, "Wigs Jacked for Jesus!" We will look for them & cheer them on! After the race begins we will follow the teams to any one of the 5 bar locations that each team must check into and stay for 30 minutes during the race. The race starts about 12:30 but we will meet around 11:30 am to soak in the crazy vibe, check out the racers, look at the wild costumes and get some funny pictures. When the bars are released, I will post all the locations If you want to register a volunteer photographer for the official race, this will grant you an all access pass to the racers, then please go to this link to sign up.: [hidden] Click on the "volunteer now" button which will take you to the signup now page. Click on photographer volunteer section & give the info they need to register. Then voila! You're all set with an all access pass. They have limited number of passes so not everyone can get behind the scenes and some may not want to. You do not need the pass to see the pageant or watch the race! However this backstage pass is a lot of fun & very casual. Plus there is a free breakfast for volunteers! NOTE THIS LINK ISN'T LIVE YET FOR THE 2024 VOLUNTEER SPOTS. CHECK BACK IN A FEW WEEKS! I will send notice when it is live as I always do the photography volunteer slots For a look at the event & more details about the race, check the official Chiditarod pages. [hidden] [hidden] [hidden] • What to bring Non perishable food items for the food drive (1 or 2 cans will be perfect). Keep in mind that we will be outdoors waiting for the race to begin so dress for the weather. I DO NOT KNOW THE FINAL SCHEDULE YET AND WHAT ARE THE EXACT CHECKPOINTS. WHEN I FIND OUT MORE INFO, I WILL UPDATE THE DETAILS. MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK CLOSER TO DATE! Here is last year checkpoints: Cobra Lounge (235 N Ashland) Phyllis’ Musical Inn (1800 W. Division) Roots Pizza (1924 W. Chicago) Irish Nobleman (1367 W. Erie) Five Star Bar (1424 W. Chicago) Output Bar (1758 W. Grand) NEARBY SPOTS WE CAN CHECK OUT TO SEE THE NEIGHBORHOOD, GRAB SOME DRINK & FOOD ARE AS FOLLOWS: Cobra Lounge (235 N Ashland) District Brew Yards (417 N Ashland Ave) Output Bar (1758 W. Grand) Roots Pizza (1924 W. Chicago) West Town Bakery & Diner, (1916 W Chicago Ave) Five Star Bar (1424 W. Chicago) To get some steps in, we will take a walk through West-town, Union Park and Ukrainian Village Chicago neighborhoods after the block party and grab a bite to eat. We will WALK ABOUT 2 miles if the weather is decent! Environmental Encroachment is normally one of the bands that plays at Chiditarod and they are always a treat with their lively dancing and creative costumes! If you are taking public transportation please check Google Maps for directions or use CTA trip planner. [hidden] - easily accessible by bus and train If driving there is metered nearby parking on Ashland & Fulton. Some free parking nearby too. Several parking lots as well. Parking is normally very easy in this area! PLEASE KEEP RSVP UP TO DATE AND DO NOT BE A NO SHOW! More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Cobra Lounge, 235 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL map
when: March 2 @ 11:30am - 3:30pm
price: Free



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