Houston Meyerland Board Game Meet Up Group (And Part Time Movie Club)

Houston Meyerland Board Game Meet Up Group (and part time movie club)
Feb 29

Houston Meyerland Board Game Meet Up Group (And Part Time Movie Club)

In case you want to sing along, go here :) [hidden] Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a meetup trip That started from a small cafe In a Texas shopping strip. The medic was a mighty fixing man, The leader brave and sane. Five passengers would play that day In a three hour game, a three hour game. The rules to learn were very rough, Some time to game was lost, If not for the courage of the fearless crew The Cafe would be lost, the Cafe would be lost. The ship set ground on the shore of this tableau building isle With Anderson A Mike or two, The Air of Rick and his Reed, The Bollywood star Some guys whose names start with "C", Here on Meyerland's Isle!!! Like many of the meet up groups we do not have many people who RSVP here, however have been averaging 12 - 20 people per meet up session all year. Looking forward to a great second half of the year and hopefully many of you can reach our 25, 50, and 100 meetings a year milestones. While we do give notifications, most of our chats are usually on Facebook here [hidden] Come check us out! Cafe Express has a Happy Hour from 3 - 6pm everyday that the early crew can take advantage of. Please thank the general manager Nancy if you see her and buy food so we can continue to coexist peacefully and don't be surprised if Danielle remembers your order better than you do. See Less More Info below.

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INFO: Website
where: Cafe Express, 210 Meyerland Plz, Houston, TX map
when: February 29 @ 5pm - 10pm
price: Free



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