Aftermath: The Climbing City (5e)

Aftermath: The Climbing City (5E)
Feb 28

Aftermath: The Climbing City (5e)

Where you are from, the City of Aftermath is spoken about with awe. Built on the side of the Plummeting Rock's crater, it is a beacon of hope and the future. The first great project of the 7 Free Holds, it was built to save the world, to stop the last of the water from draining into the hole the rock punched in the world. Are you here to help us save it? What you've heard about the city is mostly rumor (it has to be). A vertical city, suspended over the Last Sea. Set on mighty gears, driven by boiling water (of all things), the city climbs the side of the crater as the sea rises below it. Workers scramble day and night to build the tracks ahead of the city's climb. The citizens of Aftermath are the best and brightest of the Holds, hand picked for the great work. And the food!!! They say Aftermath has farms where they grow fish and shrimp! And everyone goes to bed with a full belly. Or maybe you're just here for the food? Then there is the Plummeting Rock, itself. A mountain hurled from heaven by an angry god. At night, when the clouds are low, light from the crater reflects down on the Last Sea turning its waters a golden white. Rumor has it an angel has recently arrived in Aftermath and opened a passage to the rock. (but angels aren't real? are they?) What riches might you find on the rock? Lucky you! You have a writ of passage to Aftermath! You must be one of the best and brightest! Congratulations! Just curious, what are you the best and brightest at? Why has your Hold sent you to Aftermath? How will you make your fortune? What exactly did you do to get that writ? Join 4 other adventurers, exploring the climbing city of Aftermath, navigating its politics and delving the mysteries of the Plummeting Rock for fortune and renown. Aftermath: The Climbing City will be a long running campaign using DnD 5e (with some house/setting rules) but will support drop-in-drop-out play. No experience is required and materials will be provided. Characters will start at Level 3 and can use any official DnD material. Other material may be used at the DMs discretion. If you have a DnD Beyond account feel free to use it. The X-Card and other Gauntlet policies will be enforced to keep everyone comfortable and having fun. Please join the Houston Gauntlet Discord to discuss your character, the game setting, etc. [hidden] More Info below.

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where: Jax Grill, 1613 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX map
when: February 28 @ 7pm - 9pm
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