Introduction To Miki -Plan-Based Probiotic Drinkintroduction To Miki With Tomoko

Introduction to Miki -Plan-based Probiotic DrinkIntroduction to Miki with Tomoko
Dec 09

Introduction To Miki -Plan-Based Probiotic Drinkintroduction To Miki With Tomoko

Introduction to Miki with Tomoko Miki is a plant-based probiotic drink with over 2000 years of history, containing 500 million or more probiotics in 1 teaspoon. Its significance embodies profound dimensions beyond its nutritional attributes. It’s a gift from our ancestors and Mother Earth. It's an offering to God. It’s a symbol of unity. It’s a pathway to heal and to create the future you envision. Are you interested in improving your gut health or detox? Do you want to feel more fulfilled in your life? Do you want to hear your inner voice, your true desires, or calling? Are you curious about the ancient wisdom from the divine? If yes, I welcome you to explore and dive into the world of Miki now! Registration Form Learn more about Miki and testimonials . In this Intro to Miki, you will - Learn how to make Miki, be able to make it by yourself, and grow your own probiotics. You will take home freshly made Miki from Day 1 workshop to ferment at home and Miki starter. - Hear about the history, culture, and philosophy. - Learn to deepen connections with your true self, Mother Earth, ancestors, and the source. - Deepen connections with yourself and hear your true inner voice through Biofield Tuning session and meditation. Day 1 : In-person Workshop on Saturday December 9th 10:00am Check-in. 10:15am Lecture, workshop, session 1:00pm Lunch, coffee/tea Location: Shumei National Center 2430 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107 Office: [hidden] Day 2 : Zoom Sunday December 10th. 8-9pm Check in with your Miki's condition, Q&A, session Day 3 : Zoom Duration 2-3 hours. Making Miki from your kitchen! Date and time to be arranged between participants and Tomoko. Day 3 will be scheduled approximately a month after Day 1 to allow time for participants to practice making Miki on their own and reflect. Participation: $333 until December 4th, $360 after 4th. Payment options available upon request. Sign up from here --> Registration Form Would you like to know more? Join Miki Talk with Tomoko on Zoom (FREE) Thursday November 30th 8pm Tomoko will give a brief talk about Miki and an overview of the upcoming 3-Day Intro to Miki at the beginning and will open up to Q&A. Each session is 30 minutes long, and will start on time with a short centering. Join Zoom [hidden] Meeting ID: 874 3198 2217 (No passcode) More Info below.

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where: Shumei Hall, 2430 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107 map
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