Volunteer At 9 Million Reasons / Evangel Food Pantry

Volunteer at 9 Million Reasons  / Evangel Food Pantry
May 26

Volunteer At 9 Million Reasons / Evangel Food Pantry

About 9 Million Reasons: We provide free food for anyone in need. And we are serious about an inclusive community. We do not tolerate any discrimination, we're LGBTQ+ friendly, and we can accommodate peoples with disabilities. Our workplace is safe, and there is hands-on training for any activity that is new to you. In 2016, we started with just a supply room in a school. We were a few volunteers dedicated to helping New Yorkers who struggled to make ends meet. Every Saturday, we supplied 500 families with groceries we bought, rescued, or that were donated from local grocery stores and food drives. When Covid-19 sickened thousands and shut down the city's economy, food insecurity doubled overnight. We did everything we could to scale up, and we are now reaching 7,000 families a day in our crisis-converted school house. It was an intense six months, but we are now operating where few others can and we're here to stay. Since the COVID lock down we've fed 6.5 million New Yorkers and counting. We also provide food for 275 other food pantries. They arrive each day with rented trucks to pick up and take to all 5 boroughs, Nassau County, Yonkers, and Mt. Vernon. Volunteers can expect to form a strong connection with our existing teams, and will feel a great sense of purpose driven by helping others. In just one single day, you might hand out food to hundreds, or move 10,000 pounds of groceries. You might bag dry goods, or vegetables and meet at the front door. There are dozens of things to do, and we can place people where they feel most comfortable and valued. We are also now the mail hub for clothing for the incoming migrants from Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc. We could use your help in sorting clothing and assisting families so they receive the proper size clothing, shoes, jackets, etc. We have already assisted 800 and we will have 10,000 more come through our doors in the next few months. We could not do what we do without the help and support of our volunteers. We have had over 15,000 volunteers come through our doors in the past 2 years.We have one full time paid staff and the rest are incredible volunteers. We love our volunteers so much that we feed you a homemade meal every day at 12:30. You can also have breakfast before you begin in the morning! Hope to see you real soon! We are one huge family! More Info below.

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where: 9 Million Reasons / Evangel Food Pantry, 39-21 Crescent St., Long Island City, NY 11101 map
when: May 26 @ 8:45am - 1pm
price: Free



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