The Next Big Thing In Tv & You Get An Free Sneak Peak

The next big thing in TV & you get an FREE sneak peak
Jun 22

The Next Big Thing In Tv & You Get An Free Sneak Peak

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Funny Noizes Productions' very own Chris aka The Bitter Dude" has made his way to the next huge thing in television viewing with his supporting role in..... Below Average Joe A new insane 5 minute episode airs every Wedneday at 7pm but you can watch it anytime. The link is at the bottom of the page. Below Average Joe Unreal Reality TV. You think it’s made up but it’s not! A Cleveland, Ohio based Situation Comedy centered around The Kovach Family. They live their life without a filter and understanding of social norms and etiquette. Many adventurers have gone deep into the forest or the Amazon to live and learn from Monkeys, Lions and Gorillas. They watch, study, learn while living among these creatures in their natural habitat. We didn't have to travel as far to experience over the past 20 years some of the most raw and compelling material ever documented. What we have we unearthed will shock you and make you laugh and say wow my life is darn good. These stories are told by family, friends, enemies and everyone who has lived near and around the Kovach Clan. They are real and spectacular. If you look away, you will miss something if you don’t the images will be etched in your memory forever. We could have taken our situation comedy to Hollywood. We had networks wanting to purchase it. We didn’t want to lose control of our content, creativity and most importantly our amazing cast. Today our characters are not household names but many of the great actors we all know and love today started just like us. Made in Cleveland, Ohio! Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio! Cast and Crew all from Cleveland, Ohio! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diCjpRDSJco&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR18OGwmZz tneBldKY2Bx_K3krwJH2sFI5ViXVQqLyFU7lAUYuEviY8FkEQ More Info

when: June 22 @ 7pm - December 31 @ 10pm
where: youtube (map)
price: Free
category: Performing & Visual Arts



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