'fire In The Belly' Reading

'Fire in the Belly' Reading
Apr 15

'fire In The Belly' Reading

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Please join us for a reading of Fire in the Belly, a screenplay written by Joshua Sanchez. Featuring Ken Barnett, Ned Van Zandt, Allen Frame and more... Fire in the Belly is the story of the visual artist and political activist David Wojnarowicz, who in the early 1990s, dying of AIDS, sues the powerful right-wing demagogue Reverend Donald Wildmon, who has politically exploited and mischaracterized David’s work in an attempt to silence gay rights advocates and publicly funded art in America. Based on the book 'Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz' by Cynthia Carr and written by award-winning writer/director, Joshua Sanchez, Fire in the Belly is not just a feature film about the story of David Wojnarowicz (pronounced voy-nah-ROW-vitch), an abused child, a teenage runaway and a former Times Square hustler who used art to recreate himself in the later part of the twentieth century, but also a story of David and Goliath: a young artist up against the repressive forces of powerful, right-wing demagogues. And it is the story of an intensely embattled arts community, fighting for their survival against the ravages of a global plague. For more information visit: https://fireinthebellyfilm.com More Info

when: April 15 @ 7pm - 10pm
where: Kickstarter HQ, 58 Kent Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11222 (map)
price: Free
category: Film, Media & Entertainment



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